Outdoor Sound



Lightscapes installs TRUAUDIO brand of outdoor speakers and equipment.  We can integrate sound into your home and landscape

Acoustiscape Series


Acoustiscape speakers bring a new dimension to outdoor audio. Available in a 4.5” and 6” version, the Acoustiscape is designed to not only blend into any landscape, but provide rich sound with amazing amounts of volume. Flexible mounting options, robust design, and weatherproof quality make the Acoustiscape perfect for any outdoor installation. 

Subterrain Series


 SubTerrain subwoofers are designed to do exactly what its name intends - Be buried in the ground. This form factor allows for the outdoor listening experience to now include deep hearty bass while effortlessly blending into any landscape. 

RK Series


 Not all landscapes are created equal. That is why TruAudio has introduced its full line of all-weather rock speakers. Available in two different colors, TruAudio rock speakers are offered in a 6”, 8”, dual voice coil or subwoofer configuration. They compliment any outdoor space allowing the audio enthusiast to experience sound in a natural setting. 

OP Series


 The OP Outdoor speaker delivers great sound, even in wide-open spaces. A 2-way weather-proof speaker with a high power polypropylene woofer and 1" silk soft dome tweeter makes it perfect for open-space listening.  

Custom Design


Lightscapes will provide you with a custom design plan that will maximize the sound.